Tips to extend your CNC Machine Life

These simple tips to extend machine life require only a little planning for big results.

  1. Operation without plenty of fluid shall be avoided. (It may cause the failure of the oil pump and others)
  2. Mixing of air with fluid in the system shall be avoided. (It may cause noise problem)
  3. In case of adhesive fluid is used or loss of pressure in the pipe (except oil cone body) is excessive, the pipe shall be replaced into the proper size of one to reduce pressure loss. Use of improper size of pipes may lead to noise or failure.
  4. Repeated running of cooler with short intervals (within 30 seconds) by using temperature control Vr or ON/OFF switch shall be avoided as it may lead to failure.
  5. A temperature controller shall be used to control the temperature of fluid at the oil cone inlet.
  6. The external temperature sensor is provided fixed at the side of the oil cone as a factory option. A fixation tap shall be installed at the back of the column during the installation of the oil cooler

An effective program of regularly performed preventative maintenance will guarantee more productive "uptime" than a machine run until a failure occurs. Break downs like these seem to occur when the machine is needed most. By taking the time to have maintenance personnel create a custom-tailored preventative maintenance schedule from that which follows, a program can be implemented that will extend the life expectancy of a machine and decrease downtime associated with untimely breakdowns. Keep a maintenance record of all work done for future reference.