Tips for CNC machine maintenance

Maintenance to prevent mechanical trouble Cleanness is one of the considerably important factors for maintenance measurement. Since dust, particle, moisture, oil, smoke and fog etc. facilitates corrosion of the electric connecting part that makes an intermittent operation. To execute maintenance efficiently, you should create a maintenance schedule and follow it. The maintenance schedule should take precedence over all of the schedules in order to improve the production efficiency and safety.

1. Be sure to record all details of the maintenance works exactly, especially. Especially, maintenance for control devices should be recorded without fail. 

2. These records are useful for the next maintenance, and it will be helpful to check the life of the parts to be replaced and stock of parts for maintenance. 

3. Be sure to keep electricity-relating doors closed for safety except the case where it needs to be opened for maintenance and repair of electric parts or systems. 

4. Don't use air to clean machine. Depending on the neighboring environment, it can be exposed to danger that impurities are introduced into the main part of the machine. 

5. Use only the lube oil or grease recommended by HYUNDAI-WIA 

Daily Maintenance & Checklist 

  1. Remove the foreign substance such as chip etc. from table and saddle etc. of machine. 
  2. Remove oil, coolant and chip from surfaces of machine. 
  3. Keep clean covers of driving parts and slide way. 
  4. Clean the electric system and peripheral equipment exposed on surfaces of machine. 
  5. Clean the electric parts with care. 
  6. Check if water is discharged in air filters of pneumatic unit. 
  7. Check if pressure reading on gauge is proper. 
  8. Check if there is any leakage. 
  9. Check coolant oil level and fill proper amount of it if necessary. 
  10. Check if various kind of indicating lamps on the operating board is on and off in a normal condition. 

Weekly Maintenance & Checklist 

  1. Execute checkup and maintenance daily. 
  2. Check if there is any damage in the edge, body and holder of spindle and around the attached devices and clean them 

Monthly Maintenance & Checklist 

  1. Execute checkup and maintenance weekly. 
  2. Clean inside of control panel and replace filter if it is seriously polluted. 
  3. Check the level of table and base, and then check the fastened condition of nuts for leveling bolts and anchor bolts. 
  4. Clean air filters and replace them if necessary. Don't use thinner for cleaning. 
  5. Clean wipers at sliding way and replace them if necessary. 
  6. Check if solenoid valves and limit switches operate in a normal condition. 
  7. Check if terminals for cable fixing are tightened securely. 
  8. Check if various kind of interlocks and timers operate in a normal condition. 
  9. Check if Relays operate in a normal condition and replace them with those having same specification if necessary. Check the coolant oil level and fill or exchange proper amount of it, if necessary. Clean the inside of coolant tank and hose.

Half-yearly (Six monthly) Maintenance & Checklist 

  1. Execute checkup and maintenance daily 
  2. Clean numerical control system, control panel and machine. 
  3. Check if bearing parts of motors produces abnormal noise and replace them if necessary. 
  4. Check the level of machine. 
  5. Check relay panels of entire electric parts with the naked eye. 
  6. Check if entire indicators operate in a normal condition and adjust or replace them if necessary. 
  7. Check the operation of each part by a complete test program. 
  8. Measure and compensate back rash of each feeding axis 


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