GRINTECH Newsletter #1 - 7th December 2021

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Tips for CNC machine maintenance

How to extend the life of the machine within a few simple steps?

To use your CNC machine appropriately and securely for a long time, please always keep the maintenance specifications. The production of the machinery is based on adequate quality management. Based on that the proper operation and regular maintenance inspections quarantee the long-term usability. 


integrated Revolution of industrial Solution

IRIS, HYUNDAI WIA's revolutionary smart factory solution, consists of Smart Monitoring System for integrated management of HYUNDAI WIA machines around the world, and the Smart Machining System with ease, quality control, productivity and safety of the operator in mind. 


Your chance to buy a machine at a 70% discount

Let's get ready together! Full portfolios for Hyundai Wia are qualified to Tender.

The GINOP Plus-1.2.3-21 tender is expected to start on January 17, 2022, with 70% support to help the winning applicants modernize and simplify operations with HYUNDAI WIA CNC MACHINERY and software and hardware.

HYUNDAI WIA New Products

The new generation of HYUNDAI WIA is already here.

Machine tools are the core of the precision machinery industry.

From unique design to production and after-sales service, Hyundai WIA's machine tools are products which provide higher productivity and higher precision.

Special Offer CNC Hyundai Wia Discount 7%

Last chance to enjoy GRINTECH discount.

Grintech special offer is available for until the end of this year for You.  Don't miss it!

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