Newsletter #1 2022

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Tips to extend your CNC Machine Life

These simple tips to extend machine life require only a little planning for big results.

CNC machines are finely tuned pieces of equipment. The work they produce is robust and tough, but they are sensitive and require delicate care and attention to keep them running their best.  

Innovation - New Year - New Technology

With its know-how and experience, Hyundai WIA is globally recognized in the field of automation. Robot automation features flexible responsiveness, convenience, and maintenance regardless of the type for automation construction.

Hyundai Wia New Products

Hyundai Wia opens up a new horizon of machine tools! 

Machine tools are the core of the precision machinery industry.

From unique design to production and after-sales service, Hyundai WIA's machine tools are products which provide higher productivity and higher precision. 

Why choose us?

How well do you know Grintech? Here is a selection of facts you maybe did not know.

Grintech Ltd is the exclusive distributor for the Hyundai Wia Machinery brands in the Hungarian market.

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies these days is to preserve their competitiveness, and the key for this is effective and productive operation.