FREE Inspection Service

Dear Hyundai Wia Owner!

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies these days is to preserve their competitiveness, and the key for this is effective and productive operation.

Mr. Ferry Grinberg, the owner of Grintech Ltd., founded his company based on more than 30 years of domestic and international experience, aiming to combine his manufacturing experience with the most developed technologies.

With this combination, we offer a complex, professional service in the field of CNC machines, satisfying our partners from the selection and specification of the machinery, through the handover, and the subsequent maintenance services.

We know, that the selection and long term usage of these macines is based on a strong turst, so we consider it most important to keep and even strengthen the trust of our customers.

Our mission is to serve our customers at the highest level, offering complex services, starting from the time study, through the production of the machinery, till the preemptive maintenance.

We highly appreciate your choice of HYUNDAI WIA machine-family and hope you will be satisfied with your HYUNDAI WIA machine.

In order to use your CNC macine aproppriately and secure for long time, please always follow what you have learnt during the maintenance training, and keep the maintenance specifications of the manual.

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential for the long time, high quality operation, so they must be prioritised.

The production of the macinery is based on adequate quality management. Based on that the proper operation and regular maintenance inspections guarantee the long term usability.  

Now we offer you our FREE inspection service!

During the inspection we check the following:

  • Functional test - drive elements and electronic parts
  • Basic machine geometry inspection
  • Checking axis direction failures
  • Visual inspection of the main parts for mechanical damage and other disorders.

Following the condition survey we make a proposal for the parts, which need to be exchanged.

Following the inspection - if required - we prepare a maintenance plan, which visualises the timeline and expected costs of the planned maintenance.

To validate the discount please contact our professional service or return the FREE inspection order to

Phone: +36 23 920 836