Why choose us?

How well do you know Grintech? Here is a selection of facts you maybe did not know. 

Grintech working with the best Service prices in the Hungarian market 

  • 40 EUR/hour/person
  • Free drop-off within 100 km range
  • Beyond 100 km 150 EUR flat rate

Mr. Ferry Grinberg the Owner of Grintech Lltd, founded his company based on mre than 30 years of domestic and international experience, aiming to combine his manufacturing experience with the most developed technologies. 

Grintech Ltd. is not only a dealer for CNC machines, it is a first-class technological partner.

Grintech application engineering department provides consultative advice to our customers so that our CNC machines adapt to production needs. We analyse carefully each client's productive needs in order to design the best solution. 

The usual protocol is the following:

  • Definition and development of processes to follow.
  • Choice of CNC machine best suited to meet the needs
  • Cycle time estimates.

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