BLUM ZX-Speed IR 3D Tool Setting Probe

The BLUM measuring system is an simple, intuitive, CNC machine measuring application for customers who needs an easy-to-use verification and control solution. ZX Speed series - Universal 3D tool settings probes for tool settings and tool breakage monitoring

Wear-free and optoelectronic signal generation

  • The trigger signal is generated via shading of a miniature light barrier
  • Enables higher measuring speeds and accuracy than with conventional probes
  • Reliable tool setting under the most adverse conditions
  • Wear-free with long-term stability

High-precision and modern measuring mechanism

  • Precise, non-lobing switching behaviour
  • Constant deflection forces
  • High-quality latest-generation BLUM measuring mechanism
  • No disadvantageous 3-leg principle
  • No highly sensitive switching elements

The most up-to-date transmission technologies

  • ZX-Speed: Hardwired
  • ZX-Speed IR: Infrared Transmission
  • ZX-Speed RC: BRC Radio Technology
  • DUO-Mode: Sequential use of 2 infrared measuring systems with one receiver
  • Sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver


In addition to simple tool breakage detection, the tool setting probes are also used for tool setting in length and radius.  

Tool breakage detection in the machining center using the BLUM ZX-Speed RC 3D tool setting probe

Tool setting in length and radius using the BLUM ZX-Speed RC 3D tool setting probe

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