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About us

GRINTECH LTD- Is more than just your typical machine tool supplier.

Hyundai WIA has chosen us to improve the quality of service and bring smart technology in Hungary.

We have knowledge in innovative technologies, complex projects and maximizing profits.

Our knowledge is based on more than 12 years of experience in sales of Hyunday WIA in global market.

Our strength is the understanding that your resources can be saved with an adjustment of the specific tools and technology that are right for your company.

Our experience has shown that creative thinking and investment in the initial stage is the most important part of the success of any project.

Because we are focus on the Hungarian markets, we have developed a good understanding of what customers need and want.

Our service includes:

  • We have built and operate a national service network together with the factory HYUNDAI WIA service.
  • Our technical and service technologists receive foreign training and continuous factory training.
  • By purchasing a new machine tool, all our customers enjoy the security and benefits provided by the warranty for 24 months.
  • We commission the machine tools and provide warranty and beyond-warranty service.
  • Our fast service is at the disposal of users within 48 hours.
  • The training is provided by our specialist engineers, who undertake the training or retraining of machine operators for all HYUNDAI WIA machine types. Post-commissioning training is guaranteed for all our customers.
  • We are constantly improving the preparation and quality of our service team.
  • We provide free technical advice
  • We provide technology support and turnkey solutions
  • Attractive - the best possible service prices on the Hungarian market (40 EUR/hour/person - free drop-off within 100 km, 150 EUR flat rate over 100 km

We are your partner from our very first meeting, guiding you through project planning and supporting you during implementation, Special project with automatization, training, and after-sales care.

Great machine tools demand equally great service

We believe that great CNC machines demand equally great service, that why we put on our priority the quality and best price of service. We regularly improve and upgrade our services according to our client's needs.

Hyundai WIA machines are known for their quality because the company itself uses the machines for their own use. This puts the brand at the forefront of technology and the continuous improvement of the machine.

Grintech Ltd. is a first-class technological partner for CNC machines.

Our team of application engineers will assist you in selecting the right technology before the sale by providing cycle time studies and cost recovery plan, and after the sale putting the technology into production.

We carefully analyses each client's productive needs in order to find the best solution for our customers. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!